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Global Raimondi Alumni Nature Walk Fun

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

For many retired Raimondi alumni, leisure nature walk becomes part of their pastime. Some alumni decide to organize to do it together on a regular basis. They now can enjoy not just healthy exercise, but fresh air and the bonus of reunion with fellow Raimondians. If you happen to visit their cities, they would love to have you joining them in a refreshing nature walk.

Hong Kong 高記伴我行


集合時間及地點:1030am ,西灣河港鐵站A出口路面。

2021.08.14 Toronto RC Alumni Leisure Walk

We start at the JC Saddington Park at the mouth of the Credit River. The Park is nice. Today we have a clear view of the shore line of Toronto, CN Tower and the skycripers.

Our original plan is to have a round of the Park then go west to Brueckner Rhodondron Gardens and loop back, ie. more than 10 km . However, when we reached the river bank, we found that there was a marina and lots of yatch. People kayak, canoe, fishing and a bit further out, people enjoying 滑翔伞.

We continue eastwards to the opposite side of the river, the JJ Plaus Park. The environment is so nice that we just sat down, relaxing and 吹水, enjoying every bit of time lapsed until noon when our belly reminds us its time to eat.

We had broken our records by achieving the shortest walking time (less than an hour), the shortest distances strolled (<6 km), and of course, the least number of steps walked (7.5K) .

2021.05.26 Aussie (Sydney) RC Alumni Bushwalk

(Left to Right)

  1. Gabriel Jim Wai Lun 詹偉倫 [1970-F5]

  2. John Cheung Kwok Ching 張國正 [1971-F5]

  3. Joe Lai Joe Fung 賴祖鋒 [1967-F5]


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