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Fund Raising Subcom


We aim to connect Raimondian Alumni by organizing events, activities throughout the year.

We are ONE Raimondian

Funding Objectives

  • To Build Raimondian Alumni Association as one of the LEADING Alumni Associations in HK

  • To Organize events, activities and publications for connecting our Alumni

  • To Support our beloved School on financial aid program, scholarship, student support initiative

How to Support?

General Donation:

It opens all year round. Please email RAA for assistance.

General Support: 

Visit the RAA e-shop with various kind of RAA souvenirs and special discount offered by our alumni

Follow our Dashboard and Interim Report released by the RAA Secretariat Office

To share the latest update of the RAA development and support to School

Disclaimer: All funding report will be audited by RAA Treasurer and Auditor

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