Message from The President



大家好我係現任校友會會長孫道熙,Ryan Sun Tao Hsi (1997 F4),我哋係高主教校友 BeProud 團隊。我哋非常感恩 “Connect, Engage, Create” 係我哋定下校友會發展目標!現在我哋距離遠咗,見面少咗,各行各業都受到沉重嘅打擊,除了個人工作以外,這段時間讓我更認真思考,如何諦造更好校友會平台,真正發揮校友互助互愛精神,無論校友在邊一個崗位,邊一個地方,面對嘅挑戰都係前所未有,要協助校友會走出困局框框,我們就要用新思維,新方法,善用科技,重塑未來發展藍圖,聯誼以外,我哋要在傳統中尋找多元合作,把握高主教師兄60多年經驗智慧優勢,推動共創共融,國際視野,逆境並肩,投資未來,令我們可以透過校友會平台,善用多年累積的經驗、人脈、資源,走得更前,為我們八千多名校友服務, 希望各位師兄師姐能夠畀個機會我及我嘅團隊, 同大家攜手為校友會服務,我係孫道熙,Ryan Sun Tao Hsi (1997/F.4) 一齊迎接高峰 !

Hello everyone, I am the incumbent president of the RAA, Ryan Sun Tao Hsi (1997 F4). We are the Raimondi alumnus BeProud team. We feel extremely grateful that we have set “Connect, Engage, Create” to be the development objective for the RAA. At the moment our gap is growing, with less time to meet, all walks of life are facing serious hits. Apart from personal work, this period allowed me to focus on how we can fabricate a stronger platform for the RAA, to genuinely unleash our spirit of mutual help and love. No matter what post or what place our alumnus are situated in, the challenges they are facing are unprecedented. So to succour our alumnus to walk out of this circle of dilemma, we must make good use of technology so as to reshape our future development blueprint. We shall do that through new ideologies and new methodologies. Apart from reunions, we must discover multiple ways to work together under the tradition environment, to seize the advantages of 60 odd years of experience and wisdom our alumnus possess. We can, therefore, promote the idea of co-creation, amalgamation, worldwide perspective, to stand shoulder to shoulder during adversity, and invest for the future, allows us to utilise our years of accumulated experiences, connections, resources, to stay ahead of the game, and serve over 8000 of our alumnus members. I wish all of our alumnus can kindly grant me and my team an opportunity to serve the RAA together. I am Ryan Sun Tao Hsi (1997 F4).  Let’s enjoy our pinnacle together!