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在未來兩年,我們除了舉辦定期的體育活動外,還會與其他不同的事務委員會合作協辦各類型的活動,有效地達致One Team One Goal 的目標。

服務對象 : 所有高主教Alumni

暫時安排的體育活動 :


  • 籃球聯賽

  • 足球聯賽

  • 龍舟比賽

  • 保齡球同樂日

  • 行山



Raimondi Alumni Association - Sports Subcommittee was established in 2016. Our goal is to strengthen the bonding of our alumni by organising different sports related events and activities. 

In the coming 2 years, in addition to our regular sports events, we will work with other committees in organising different types of activities, to achieve our "One Team One Goal" objective.

Target Participants: All Raimondi Alumni

Sport events in plan : 


  • Basketball tournament

  • Football tournament

  • Dragon boat competition

  • Bowling fun day

  • Hiking 

To share your view on our events and activities, please feel free to contact us via memberships@raimondialumni.hk

For us to better connect with you, we highly encourage you to provide your contact information to us.