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Our History

Raimondi Alumni Association (Former name: Raimondi Old Boys' Association) was started in 1961, when the first batch of forty-three Form 5 graduates sat for the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination. Since then, graduates of Raimondi College have joined the Association and the number of members grows each year.


The Old Boys' Association organises regular activities such as Annual General Meetings and social gatherings like annual balls, sports activities, outings and dinner parties. All these functions help the members to maintain ties with the school and to promote association among the many members. In addition, the Old Boys' Association contributes funds to promote extra-curricular activities and to renew some of the school's facilities. The Old Boys' Association also collaborates with the Careers Team of the school to deliver careers talks to Secondary 5 and Secondary 7 graduates.


The Vancouver chapter of the Old Boys' Association was formed in 1977 with 29 members. At present, it has more than two hundred members and has maintained a very close connection with the Association in Hong Kong.


Today, many old boys have reached the pinnacle of their careers in government administration, in the political arena, in business, in the police, in education, in art and in entertainment.

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