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2019.11.1-2 1969 F5 Class Visit School-Reunion Dinner

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

2019.11.1: Recall 50 years memories in the school campus

21 1969 F5 boys re-visited Raimondi College 50 years after their F5 graduaction in 1969.

Ms. Lo, Chief Principal and her staff met the boys and have delivered a joyful tour in the campus.

The F5 boys are astonished there are many new facilities, such as Carls Hall,

cooking room, gymnastic room, band room, computer room, Chinese History room, Virtual Reality demonstration room, various activities room, new central school library, History Gallery, etc.

For Your Memory : RC campus

The History Gallery, which was grand opened on 14.3.2019, has collected many valuable photos, trophies, publications, school dresses and particularly the Central Register of Students from Sep 1958 Record Book.

History Gallery was opened in March 2019

In the register book, the 1969 F5 guests are eager to find their names and academic records in the registry. Details of hand written academic marks are recorded for reference.

The Central Register of Students from Sep 1958

Since 2008 academic year, girl students are recruited in Raimondi College. This is a overwhelming news for the school boys for the last 50 years.

Can you imagine the teaching classrooms, which accommodated more than 55 students in the early 60s only offer less than 30 seats in 2019. In lower forms, 2 headmasters/mistresses lead the class in daily teaching, which offer closer attentions to all students. The students must enjoy the fully air-conditioned classroom without any complains.

Can you imagine 55 boys are packed in this classroom in the 60's

In the following video, the 1969 F5 boys toured around the campus, digging their warm and treasurable memories all over the places with astonishing reaction.

In this visit, the 1969 F5 boys meet the principals 50 years after they were graduated.

Once a Raimondian, Always a Raimondian

In every school corridor, there were laughter, sweat and tears. Students never forget Fa. Carra's presence.

Primary 6 students enjoyed their grand new chemistry lesson.

The 1969 F5 class enjoyed the 60 years anniversary video in this comfortable viewing bay.

Paul Loong has donated 3 copies of "Tea Before The Rain" to the Library.

Paul led his career in journalism for 35 years.

The 60 years Open Day Anniversary video: camera / edit

/ music by Anthony Cheung (74)

2019.11.2: 1969 50 years Reunion Party (Full Version) 46"00"

The story is also divided into 4 parts, for you to enjoy.

1969 F.5 Class visited RC campus , followed by reunion dinner.

3 talented singers/guitar players ( in 1969 & 1970 F5 class ) played the following olddies, which you should not miss.

Thanks to organizers:

Ms. Lo, Chief Principal

Patrick Tsang Yu Chor 1969-F5 (HK)

Eddie Chiu Sin Po 1969-F5 (HK)

Leo Lau Wai Hang 1969-F5 (Toronto)

Lawrence Lee Yim Hong 1969-F5 (HK)

James Wong Hon Kun 1969-F5 (Edmonton)

Performing Band: Paul Loong and Francis Wong with Joe Lynn

Reunion singing (1) All I Have To Do Is Dream

Reunion singing (2) Devoted To You

Reunion singing (3) Seven Golden Daffodils

Reunion singing (4) Today

Reunion singing (5) UnWaking Dreams

Reunion singing (6) Sound Of Silence

Reunion singing (7) The Boxer

Camera / Edit: Anthony Cheung (74)

This post is completed by Anthony Cheung (74).

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