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Alumni Manager Election of Raimondi College Alumni Association

Alumni Manager Election of Raimondi College Alumni Association

Event Date:

30 March 2021

[校友校董選舉 – 選民登記]
高主教書院法團校董會中將會加入一名校友代表 (以下簡稱 “校友校董”),參與學校的管理和決策事宜。校友校董將以普選原則選舉,而校友校董選舉委員會會負責籌備是次選舉。
日期:2021年5月29日(星期六)(暫定 - 確實日期稍後公佈)
(1)Fax至(852)2525 6725 (Attn: Returning Officer, Alumni Manager Election
(Voter Registration); 或者
(2)郵寄到“香港半山羅便臣道2號高主教書院 (Attn: Returning Officer, Alumni Manager Election (Voter Registration)
候選人提名期:2021年4月26日(星期一)至2021年4月30日(星期五)(暫定 - 確實日期稍後公佈)
就校友校董選舉的進一步資料,請瀏覽高主教書院校友校董選舉之網頁,網址為。 該選舉的最新消息也將會不時在該網頁上公佈。
如有任何疑問,請以電郵 (電郵地址為與選舉委員會聯絡。

FORMAL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Alumni Manager Election of Raimondi College Alumni Association will be held by the Raimondi College Alumni Association ("RCAA"). The voter registration will be commenced on 1st December 2020 (Tuesday), regards on the procedures as below:
Voter Registration Period:
• Registration Period: 1st December 2020 (Tuesday) to 31st March 2021 (Wednesday)
• Record Date: 31st March 2021 (Wednesday)
Nomination Period (to be confirmed):
• Candidates Nomination Period: 26th April 2021 (Monday) to 30th April 2021 (Friday)
• Date of publication of details: 1st May 2021 (Saturday) to 22nd May 2021 (Saturday)
Election Date, Time & Location (to be confirmed):
• Election Date: 29th May 2021 (Saturday)
• Election Time: 09:00am to 05:00pm
• Address: Raimondi College, 2 Robinson Road, Central Mid-Level, Hong Kong.
• Result Announcement: 5pm to 6pm on 29th May 2021 (Saturday)
• Appeal Period: 31st May 2021 (Monday) to 8th June 2021 (Tuesday)
Referred to the Constitution of Raimondi College Alumni Association, members who has been a pupil of Raimondi College but no longer such a pupil, and was the student of Secondary classes in Raimondi College, are qualified to be registered as a voter or applied as a candidate by nominations.
Below are the information related to Alumni Manager Election:
1. Guide of Alumni Manager Election (
2. Voter Registration Form (
3. Candidate Nomination Form (to be confirmed)
The RCAA objective is to serve as the recognized Alumni Association of Raimondi College under Section 40AP(1) of the Education Ordinance (Cap. 279) of Hong Kong to promote the elections of the Alumni Manager of the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) of Raimondi College (the "Elections") in accordance with the Education Ordinance (Cap.279), other relevant provisions in the Laws of Hong Kong, and the direction of The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, the sponsoring body of the College.
For the avoidance of doubt, save and except the Elections, RCAA shall not be responsible for any other roles, functions or activities relating to Raimondi College and its alumni. The sole objective of RCAA is to hold the Elections independent from any other organizations relating to Raimondi College.
Further details to be announced on the website of

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