Raimondi Old Boys' Association was started in 1961, since then, graduates of Raimondi College have joined the Association and the number of members grows each year.


Be part of the conservation and keep in touch with us to find out about Raimondi College, Alumni network and events.

Our Legacy

Once a Raimondian, forever a Raimondian. Visit our proud history to know more.


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Show your support for your alma mater through volunteering and giving back. 

Latest News & Events

Raimondian Robomaster2020

Dragon Boat Team Training

Dragon Boat Training 高記龍舟隊訓練+BBQ!
有想法有興趣嘅師兄弟妹,即刻聯繫龍舟隊召集人Charles 師兄(98119884)報名啦!

高手雲集 Facebook Live 【高手雲集 - 你問佢答 feat. Jackal Ng】

香港著名樂隊Dear Jane嘅低音結他手伍漢邦Jackal Ng師兄

Alumni Manager Election of Raimondi College Alumni Association

FORMAL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Alumni Manager Election of Raimondi College Alumni Association will be held by the Raimondi College Alumni Association ("RCAA"). The voter registration will be commenced on 1st December 2020 (Tuesday)

高手雲集 Facebook Live 【退休老師爆多啲】你問·佢答


Blood Donation 捐血愛心接力行


Address:Raimondi College, No. 2, Robinson Road, Mid-levels, Hong Kong
Tel:2522 2159
Contact : Mr. Fred Lau

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