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Our Global Network

We connect Raimondians around the world to stay united, preserve for success and live with love.  Armed with ambition for global careers, many Business and Economics alumni work with peers and Raimondi Alumni Association to support fellow alumni in remaining connected. The Association is committed to supporting alumni networks and communities in Hong Kong and beyond, We invite you to events and activities based on where you are located so if any of your details change, let us know.

You can also stay in touch with the RAA and fellow alumni via LinkedIn and Facebook.

Toronoto Chapter


Founded in 1984 and based in Toronto, our organization aims to re-unite all Raimondians in Ontario and eastern Canada. Some of our activities include an annual dinner for all members, as well as various sports functions and occasionally trips during the spring and summer. We also participate in various inter-school functions (such as soccer tournaments) that are jointly organized by local chapters of alumni groups of Hong Kong Catholic schools.

Sydney Chapter


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South-east Asia

To connect with our Singapore Chapter, please reach out to Fred via