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2018.03.23 Raimondi Grand Prix Ghostly Bridge Challenge 猛鬼橋賽車

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Another 60s & 70s Raimondian pastime tradition that our Alumni missed so much.

Showing off their pricy toy cars (Left to Right)

  1. Mario Poon Chin Wing 潘展榮 [1970-F5] (Pennsylvania)

  2. Fuji Lee Fu Yee 李富宜 [1970-F5] (Vancouver Chapter President)

  3. Ko Wai Man 高偉文 [1970-F5] (高記伴我行 member)

Chan Kwok Chung 陳國驄 [1970-F5] demonstrating tips on 猛鬼橋賽車

ZOOM . . .

Collision ???


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